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Why Skill.Link

Skill.Link is a Revolutionary Platform that bridges the Gap between employers seeking a verified workforce and the qualified/ verified trades people seeking employment. Skill.Link has streamlined the communication between employers and job seekers, making the hiring process effortless and efficient.

- Receive real-time job notifications

- Extensive Community of verified Trades Workers never seen before

- Hiring information received during registration, eliminating hire on packages by users

- Free for candidates seeking employment

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- Skill-Link is a three-tiered system, comprised of a construction social network, a database and a recruitment application provided to employers.

- Skill-Link is designed to provide employees with direct opportunities from employers seeking verified and qualified trades people.
- Employees are given unrestricted access to our network of trades people and employers. We allow users to contact recruiters directly.

- Job posters are posted directly to user’s news feed when its applicable to them. They won't see job posters that aren't relevant to them.

- Receive notifications directly to your mobile device when potential job opportunities are sent to you.

- On boarding for new jobs are handled directly on our system so it eliminates the need to go in to the employer’s office to fill out needless paper work, when its completed directly on our system.

- We allow our users to find better paying jobs, without the hassle of looking for them. We bring the opportunities right to your mobile device.
- Currently Skill-Link is available both on desktop and on mobile devices in the form of a web responsive site allowing us to give the feel of an app on your mobile browser.
- All sensitive information isn't stored on our system. We will ask for common information needed for employment i.e. Name, address, marital status, emergency contacts and so on.

- All sensitive information like S.I.N and driver licenses will be request upon hire. You will be directed to the digital hire on package pre-filled with user’s information outside the user’s driver license and SIN number. Those will be input into the digital hire on package by the user.
- No we aren't a job board, as our job advertisements are available to all but specifically to the required trades per job.

- We are a platform specifically designed for the construction industry.

- Our job posters provide users with all the necessary information to make a decision regarding an opportunity on the spot. Eliminating back and forth conversations with recruiters on details about the job.

- Once you sign up for Skill-Link you will never need to update, reload or send your resume out again. We do all the leg work and send out your information to potential employers. That's if your work status is set to actively looking. Otherwise we wont sent out your resume to employers.

- Our Job posters ensure skills, experiences, and locations are specifically matched, rather than users having to job search or employers having to scan through 100's of resumes.

- Once a user applies to a job, they could be hired within minutes depending on the response time of the recruiter.

- Our platform allows users to be offered and to apply instantly to employment opportunities.

- Once both parties have accepted the terms of employment, the users will be sent through our onboarding system to mobilize them to their new job.
- In our current form we aren't a recruitment agency, but by 2019 “Skill-Ployment” will be available to employees looking for alternative means of employment.

- We cut out the need for recruitment agencies currently by allowing employers to advertise directly to the required trades people, instead of posting their jobs on job boards.
- Although we share similarities, Skill-Link is designed solely for the construction industry.

- We provide all the familiarities of LinkedIn but none of the downsides.

- The major difference between us and LinkedIn is that we utilize a database and a verification process to guarantee accuracy of hiring's.

- Skill-Link is specifically designed to match the trades with the right employers at the right time.
- Once a user is employed by a company through Skill-Link, their work status will be suspended for viewing by the current employer.

- Allowing users to maintain privacy in case of disagreements.
- The cornerstone to our brand is that we will never take money out of the hard-working trades people seeking employment opportunities.

- The service is free to employees, employers on the other hand will pay a discounted price to recruit man power through our system.